I am not very crafty but I did want to add some personal touches to the wedding. I therefore tackled favors, centerpieces and our table names.


For centerpieces I wanted to do something simple and not a lot of flowers. So I decided on a cylinder vase. We'll be doing marbles at the bottom, along with a colored LED light, alternating red and blue at each table.

It will be tied with a blue thick satin ribbon. This photo does not have right ribbon. It will also be lower and the white floating candle will be higher.

A red gerber daisy will be stuck through the ribbon on the outside of the vase.


These votives were purchased at Michael's for $7.99 for a pack of 12.

I covered them in glitter in red white and blue. There will be five per table. One white, two red and two blue.


For favors we purchases these little glass jars with a stick that says "Amor" Wes and Kayla July 3, 2010.

They will be filled with red white and blue jelly beans.

Favor tags/place cards

Around the top of the jar I will tie a ribbon either in blue or red. A piece of card stock with the guest's name and what table they are sitting at will be laced through the ribbon in an opposite color.

Women will have red tags with blue ribbon and the men blue tags with red ribbon.